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I know all too well how it is not to know left from right in a fandom, and how hard it can be to follow discussion or fanfic because of this. Since Lamento is a game Full Of Text in Moonspeak, it is a challenge to even grasp major plot points, nevermind all those lovely little details that went into creating this game.

Therefore, I proudly present the results of hours upon hours of obscure kanji-searching and translation-machine WTF. To prove to you I'm not lying out of my ass when I'm talking about stuff in fanfic. XD

*Attention*: NO STEALING PLEASE! If I see this used and/or reposted without my permission, this post will be relocked and future projects will be friends only. A lot of effort and countless hours went into this, so I don't think it's too much to ask.

Lamento World Guide


Sisa / Shisa
The location of the game. It is pronounced Shisa, but the official guide booklet romanizes it Sisa. Sisa is a large island surrounded by a coral reef. It is very warm all year round, and snow seems to be a novelty there. Most of Sisa is undisturbed wilderness, covered by wide, deep forests. The cats live in small settlements throughout the island, with Ransen as the center.

(1) Karou
Konoe's hometown. A small village to the south. Cats there are very territorial and aggressive, even more so due to the period of starvation they are all enduring. The Karou elders introduced the system of the "sacrifice" to feed the village, where one cat is killed and then eaten. Konoe, being chosen as the next sacrifice, escapes from the village when the curse is placed on him. The village is later completely destroyed by Hollow and the Sickness.

(2) Kira
Asato's hometown. A very reclusive community situated in a deep ravine (Yukoku Valley). Kira does not like relations with outsiders, and is very mistrustful. Cats are forbidden from leaving the village, and it is taught that those who are exiled will find nothing outside Kira's borders. Kira has a long-standing feud with the Meigi tribe.

(2) Yukoku no Tani / Yukoku Valley
Literally meaning "Deep Ravine Valley", the name pretty much explains the place. The valley lies at the bottom of a steep cliff close to the southeastern mountain ranges, hiding the reclusive village of Kira.

Rai's and Bardo's hometown. Not many details are known about Setsura, except that it is the hometown of a tribe of large-sized cats. Those cats are usually well over six feet tall, and their ears are also shaped differently (think large-sized predator cats in our world, e.g. lions and tigers). Rai and Konoe visit Setsura in Rai's ending, but the game does not give any details as to its location.

(3) Ransen
The biggest city in Sisa, its commercial center, and something like a melting pot for all kinds of cats. The cats have made their homes in the ruined buildings left from the time of Futatsuzue. Ransen is famous for its large, extensive library, but not everyone can access it. The city is also the center of two festivals: the festival of winter and the festival of spring, and many cats like to travel there to witness them.

Not much is known about this village, neither its location nor its people. Kaltz was part of this tribe in his life as a cat, Kil and Ul also come from Meigi, and Leaks' henchmen also seem to be Meigi cats. It is unclear whether Leaks seduced or bewitched them. The Meigi seem to be very aggressive and capable warriors, and are constantly feuding with the cats of Kira. They worshipped Verg in the past, and are rumored to be in league with demons (see demonic blood).

(4) Hokora
Literally meaning "small shrine". A mysterious place to the north of Ransen, deep in the forest. It is the dwelling place of the enchantment master (Jujutsushi). It seems to be a site for rituals, like some kind of shrine fallen into disrepair. Jujutsushi lives there alone, practicing medicine, divination and spellbreaking. He is an obscure fellow who seems to know a lot, but does not always reveal everything. He enjoys teasing and creeping people out, to see how they react. Leaks is said to have studied under him long ago.

(5) Yonshoku no Hikari ni Mititati / Ground/Field of Four Colors
A strange place in the forest. It is a field with a circle of four monoliths in it. Each of these monoliths has a devil's crest on them, and sometimes, they can be seen glowing with their corresponding color - red, blue, yellow and green. Konoe goes there in hopes of finding out the nature of his curse, but is pulled into the devils' world. There, they try to tempt him by making him submit to the emotions they govern.

(6) Kagami Lake / Mirror Lake
A large, mysterious lake to the far northeast. Although this lake consists definitely of water, its surface is hard like a mirror. One can even cross it on foot, as if walking on water.

(7) Toride
Literally meaning "fortress". A strange and mystical place that looks like the trunk of an enormous tree. It is the site of the final battle against Leaks.

World Mechanics

Ribika (race)
The Ribika are the catpeople of Lamento, living in all regions of Sisa. They call themselves Ribika in honor of their goddess Ribika, and cats because of how the goddess was said to appear sometimes—namely in the shape of a cat from our world (see Ribika, goddess).

Ribika (goddess)
Ribika is a female goddess with wings, ears and tail, and part of the catpeople's creation myth. She is said to be the wife of the god Futatsuzue (or Two Cane), and together, both of them created the world of Sisa. According to the legend, Ribika laid a rainbow-colored egg, which fell to the earth and shattered, spreading the seed of life across the land, which woke up at Ribika's song. The cats also say that Ribika sometimes liked to appear in the shape of a small, four-legged creature with ears and tail—a cat from our world. They found this image in the records left behind by Futatsuzue, and decided to call themselves cats because of the similarities.

The male god from the Ribika's creation myth. It is said that Futatsuzue (meaning: Two Cane) walked on two staff-like legs (thus his name) and had five fingers on each hand. The cats revere Futatsuzue and his wife Ribika, who are said to have created the world. Throughout Sisa, there seem to be ruins that the cats think have been left by Futatsuzue, as well as documents they cannot read, because they do not know Futatsuzue's writing. It becomes pretty clear in the game that Futatsuzue is not actually a god, but rather humans, who existed in Lamento's world at one point, and left behind their mark in buildings such as the ruined skyscrapers in Ransen, which house the Ransen library.

Nin Gen / Humans
Ribika also have spiritual references to the "ningen" (Japanese for humans). They believe that when they lead a good life, they will go to Futatsuzue's realm and become "ningen". However, it becomes pretty obvious in the game that Futatsuzue and "ningen" are actually one and the same—humans.

Moon of Light
The world of Sisa has two moons, but no sun. According to Ribika legend, the sun sank into the ocean long ago, coloring the waves golden. However, the goddess Ribika created the twin moons (the moon of light and the moon of shadow) to illuminate and warm the world for the cats. The moon of light, according to its name, shines during the day and seems to work like a sun. From a physical standpoint, this aspect of the game seems like an impossibility (after all, how can a world survive without sunlight?), however I am currently lacking any further information.

Moon of Shadow
The second moon created by the goddess Ribika, according to Ribika legend. It lights up the night, much like our own moon.

The game calls them "akuma" (which would translate to "demon"), but it is quite clear that they are much more powerful than a regular monster or demon, and the romanization calls them "devils", so there. XD

It seems that devils are perceived as evil entities by the cats, but what they actually are is largely unknown. One thing that we know for certain is that one can only become a devil upon dying - if one experiences an overpowering emotion upon death, one can be transformed into a devil, a being of a sort of between-world. One thing that is certain is that such an occurrence is incredibly rare - it is safe to say that Razel and Verg are the oldest of the devils, likely already in that place for time beyond measure, while Kaltz and Froud are relatively recent additions.

To what extent devils have physical bodies comparable to cats is unknown - they seem to have no problem eating, drinking and sleeping, but at the same time, their source of "life", if you can call it that, is not a regular organ - it is a small sphere which they call a "core". This core contains their power and energy, and it hurts to remove it. When Leaks deprives the devils of their powers, this core also collapses, becoming a malformed, pitiful thing, leaving them with only a fraction of their normal power.

Razel also explains that devils cannot normally tread the world of Sisa - they have to be summoned by someone who offers up some kind of symbolic sacrifice. It is possible that they act a bit like genies, attempting to trick the summoner when they have to fulfill his wishes. However, that is largely speculation.

Not much is known about demons, neither where they dwell nor what they are. The Meigi cats have some form of demonic ancestry, and Firi is a demon as well (easily identified by his humanoid ears and lizard tail). What they can do is also mostly unknown, but Firi is able to perform sanga magic, thereby making song not a cat-exclusive ability. One could speculate that Firi is a unique case, but the cats also have festivals that have to do with demons - during the festival of winter, they all dress up as demons (much like we do for Halloween) in order to exorcise evil spirits and such.

Beasts / Monsters
Next to normal predatory animals, Sisa also seems to have a fair share of monsters. We don't get many onscreen appearances of monsters (and I feel inclined to consider Asato's monster form and Froud's transformation a different category from normal monsters), but they seem to be mutated beasts possessing unnatural strength and an appetite for anything that moves, including kitties. As for what causes them to appear is unknown. When they appear, it usually takes a skilled bounty hunter to take them down.

As mentioned before, although Asato does have a monster form, I don't want to lump him into this category. Asato is a kitty, birthed by and to kitty parents - his transformation occurs due to the curse, which allows Leaks to manipulate the demonic blood in his body (see demonic blood).

As for Froud, who knows what he is. Before he became a devil, he existed as some kind of monstrous entity. However, he is a special case for two reasons - one, he seems to have been able to shapeshift even before he became a devil. Rai meets him in his humanoid form (since he very clearly recognizes Froud's face once he removes the mask), but Mana mentions being sacrificed to a "monster". The second point is that Froud possesses a deadly intellect, something your average monster (and even Asato in his monster form) distinctly lacks. I think it's safe to say that Froud is a class of his own.

Demonic Blood
Although there seem to be an indeterminate number of lesser demons, what this entry refers to is cats with demonic blood in their bodies. How and why they obtained it is unknown; all that is clear is that the Meigi tribe carries demonic blood to some extent. However, this blood only becomes active when they mingle with normal cats. Case in point is, unfortunately, Asato, child of a Kira cat (Kaya) and a Meigi cat (Kaltz). When he was born, he appeared as a monster, and only later changed into the shape of a cat. On Asato's route, Leaks spreads the curse to Asato, causing the demonic mixture in his body to become active again and work towards slowly transforming him into a mindless beast. In his good ending, however, the demonic components are cleansed from his body, changing him back into a regular cat.

The Cat of Ruin
There is a pretty strange superstition going around in Sisa, namely that black ears and tail are bad luck because a cat with such features will bring ruin to the land. This is what caused Leaks to be ostracized (along with his magical powers which were different from normal sanga powers) and caused him to withdraw into the forest. After he thought Shui betrayed him by leading other cats to his home, he really did become the evil magician everyone always said he was, seeking to bring destruction to the Ribika and Sisa. Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The Sickness (Shikku)
The Sickness is one manifestation of Leaks' curse. It is an illness that befalls all cats, no matter their age or gender, but it led to a particularly high death rate among women and children. A cat infected with the Sickness loses a part of their body - it is suddenly gone, disappeared as if it had been removed, and from that day on, the Sickness keeps eating away at that cat's body, until they die from organ failure. It is a terrible and painful disease for which there is no cure.
In the game's epilogue, though, Konoe mentions that Leaks' defeat has halted the advance of both the Sickness and Hollow, thus allowing the ailing Ribika population to recuperate.

This mysterious phenomenon is "the void" the title of the game refers to. It is also part of Leaks' curse and affects the forest and all areas of Sisa. It spreads across the land like an infection, covering the plants and earth with its sickly colors and making them untouchable to the Ribika - the cats literally cannot touch the affected areas because they "cut like a razor". Due to Hollow, most of the far-out villages are facing starvation, isolated from Ransen's commercial richness and surrounded by the infected forest.
In the game's epilogue, Konoe mentions that Leaks' defeat has caused Hollow to slowly withdraw, thus allowing the animals to return to the forest and providing food to the Ribika once again.

A terrible ritual introduced in the remote village of Karou, Konoe's hometown. The town is facing slow starvation, and has seen no other way to combat it than through choosing a sacrifice—a cat to be killed and eaten. Konoe himself is horrified by the ritual; he thinks he would rather starve than eat a fellow cat.

Meat Bandits
I admit that term was also coined by me, but that description is pretty accurate. Meat bandits are people who abduct unwitting victims and sell them to the starving border villages as live meat. In Ransen, Konoe has a close encounter with an unsavory character who tries to pick a fight with him and knock him out. Fortunately, he escapes, and Rai later explains to him that that person was likely looking for some "young meat" to sell to the starving remote regions.

Bounty Hunters
Bounty hunting is a dangerous business, so only highly skilled fighters engage in it. They seem to act in place of an actual law enforcement body - although towns all have guards charged with maintaining order, bounty hunters do the work when it comes to catching fugitive criminals or highroad bandits, and they are also the ones who get called in when there are monster sightings.

The hunters meet in small taverns in Ransen to buy and exchange information and rumors. Most of them seem to be a pretty rough lot, and some are not above engaging in dishonorable behavior themselves - for example, trying to steal each other's bounty.
Bardo worked as a bounty hunter in his youth and inspired/trained Rai to become one as well. On Rai's route, Konoe joins Rai in bounty-hunting as his sanga.

Cats seem to love music in general - in the beginning of the game, there is a scene where Shui's ghost appears to a group of cats, plucking a melody on his lute, soothing their hearts and making them purr. However, "song" has a much broader meaning than that - it is the special ability of the sanga, who use it to strengthen their chosen partners (touga). What song is exactly is unknown, however it is safe to say that it is a form of magical energy, perhaps even the natural magic of the land. The game talks about the twin moons having a "song", and it is pretty clear that this does not refer to an actual melody. Song also makes an appearance in the Ribika's creation myth, which just shows what an important aspect of their lives it is.

A sanga is a person who can call forth "song". One cannot train to become a sanga; it is an ability that one is born with. Sanga seem to use different means to sing - some play musical instruments and manipulate song-magic through them, like Shui, others, like Konoe, seem to be able to outright emit light and melody from their bodies, and still others, such as Ul or Firi, seem to use their own blood to release the song. It is unclear how strong a sanga can become, or whether some abilities are only accessible to certain sanga. There seem to be different types of song - Konoe often refers to his own song as a "battle song", but wonders whether song can be used to soothe or even heal wounds. Shui teaches Konoe a different song to draw Leaks' soul into his body. Particularly powerful sanga (like Shui) are even able to affect their environment through song, for example encouraging the growth of plants.

The touga are the physical fighters. Pretty much everyone can become a touga if they only train hard enough to become strong. A lot of touga seek to partner with a sanga (who are infinitely rarer) in order to strengthen their own abilities, to a point where they can only be defeated by another touga-sanga team. In battle, the sanga emit their magic through various means, which then flows to the touga to make them stronger and faster, and even allows them to perform certain special attacks, such as gathering the sanga-energy and attacking the opponent with it.

Bonding / Bonds
At certain points, the game refers to establishing a "bond" between touga and sanga. This seems to be a rudimentary psychic connection between the two fighting partners, which is born and becomes stronger through mutual trust and fighting together. Bonding seems to be an ability that originates from the sanga (though the bond itself is a two-way road), since there is never any mention of two touga sharing a bond, or kitties being empathic in general.
It is unclear how far bonding goes - during the final battle on Rai's route, Konoe uses his bond to "feel" Rai, who is fighting Froud, many miles away. It is doubtful that a bond enables two partners to perform actions such as mind speech or mind-reading, but the notion that they might be able to sense very strong feelings from each other does not seem too far-fetched. However, this is all speculation.

Kitty Trivia

Ribika eat pretty much everything, just like humans. They keep a healthy diet of meat, berries, nuts and various other herbs and fruits (see kuim). Farming is never mentioned explicitly, but it stands to reason that a market as large and diverse as Ransen's cannot be supplied merely by what each individual kitty gathers for food.

A small, round, reddish-pink fruit of sweet-sour taste. It is Konoe's favorite fruit, but seems to be pretty popular with the cats in general. There is some disagreement among fanartists just how big a kuim is, but the game describes them as quite small—perhaps about the size of a plum.

Despite there never being any mention of it, Ribika must have established some form of mining in order to produce their many weapons and metal accessories. Another interesting thing is that we never see any glass in the game - the drinking mugs are all made of wood, metal or clay. The windows of all the huts and houses seem to have shutters, but no windowpanes. And the game makes no mention of any mirrors - Konoe uses the barrel containing his drinking and washing water to check his reflection, and Mana's room at the brothel contains only a small black mirror—most likely made of obsidian or some kind of metal.

The cats throughout Sisa use money, most likely coins made of more or less precious metals. The only one who does not know of the concept is Asato, as the people of Kira simply trade things among each other and rarely deal with outsiders. Konoe has to explain to him that he cannot simply take whatever he sees at the stalls in Ransen (leading many fanartists to draw jokes about Asato and chicken skewers XD).

Life Expectancy
It's not stated clearly how old cats can get, or how fast they grow up. I presume they would grow at more or less a human rate, and can achieve or perhaps even go beyond human age, although mortality rates due to illness seem higher (for example, Konoe's, Tokino's and Asato's mothers all fell victim to an illness, which, while sad, makes sense because their medicine can't be that advanced).

It is doubtful that cats grow up faster than humans, simply because they are human-sized and most of their physiology seems to be humanoid (at least, there is nothing in the game to suggest otherwise). A human-sized body cannot grow so quickly without severe repercussions, and the cats also lack a steady food supply for the most part (many of them live off hunting and foraging), so they would not have enough nutrition to sustain a rapid growth.

As for life expectancy, it is also difficult to say. Jujutsushi and Leaks cannot really be taken as examples (since, if we apply human patterns, one should be at least 60 years and the other around 40 years old), because Leaks is a being with special magical power, and Jujutsushi is so shrouded in mystery that it's not clear what he is capable of doing. But then again, there is Kagari, a normal female cat, who is also around 40 years old (since she and Kaya were likely around the same age, and Asato is around 20) and she seems to be holding up extremely well. XD

The cats mainly rely on herbal remedies, shamanism and perhaps some form of rites to cure diseases and wounds. There is certainly Jujutsushi, who seems to be appreciated as a shaman/diviner, but it seems that every village has at least one, or perhaps several healers, who probably also function as some sort of religious persona, as they are said to live in a shrine in the villages. People usually go to them to seek treatment for various illnesses, though it is not unreasonable to assume that most cats would have at least a general knowledge of healing herbs and plants (Tokino, as a general merchant/peddler, is selling antipyretic herbs, for example).

There is no magic that functions as a remedy, though it is implied that sanga make for excellent healers (Shui was undergoing medical training during his lifetime, for example). It is doubtful that they are able to cure everything, and medicine in Sisa certainly can't be compared to our modern-day medicine.

There is little to no hint that cats are overly religious. They are certainly superstitious, as evidenced by their belief in the legend of the cat of ruin and fortune-telling (Konoe gets mocked by a bunch of old villagers in Karou who claim that some kind of oracle-game has prophesized misfortune for him), but then again, Sisa is a world suffused by supernatural phenomena, like monster appearances, ghosts/spirits, and devils. The cats certainly do have deities they worship, since they have their creation myth, and also hold the festival of winter, which seems to be similar to our Halloween, but it is at best unknown how much actual religious ritual and custom there exists.

Most cats are capable or at least decent fighters, which makes sense, considering that a lot of them live off hunting and also have to defend themselves against the dangers lurking in the forest, such as bandits, monsters and demons. Therefore, it is no surprise that most cats own some kind of weapon, most commonly a type of sword or dagger. However, they are not above fighting "tooth and nail"—in other words, attacking something with their claws when they are left with no other choice, or biting an opponent in a sensitive place.

Guiding Leaf / Leaf of the Guide
This leaf makes an appearance throughout the game, and is Konoe's preferred method of illumination, since he hates fire. The guiding leaf has to absorb the day-moon's rays, and when placed in a water bowl, emits a soft, cool glow to light the way at night.

Temptation Tree
A tree with strange, puffy leaves and blossoms. They sway in the wind, arousing in a kitty the irresistible urge to swipe at them. Konoe encounters the temptation tree in Ransen and comments on how the people of Karou cut down those trees so that the cats wouldn't become distracted. Then he himself falls victim to its "spell", jumps for the branches... and misses. Everyone on the street stares, since a cat missing its target is the biggest disgrace on earth. Konoe just about wants to die, and his shame doesn't abate any when Rai shows up and catches a flower for him, saying, "You wanted that, right?"

Oh yes, catnip exists in Lamento. It works by clouding a cat's senses and making it, well... horny. XD In the game, Konoe ends up buying a bag of herbs because they smell nice, never realizing that the vendor was also a drug dealer who mixed in some kittycrack. This... prompts the little moment he and Rai share in the forest, where Rai starts licking at his ears and then kissing him within an inch of his life.

Sword Grass
Sword grass is a peculiar kind of weed whose blades cut like razors. At first, the cats think that reports of Hollow's spreading are just people confusing plants with sword grass, but that turns out not to be true.

Cats only have a first name. There is no indication that any of them use last names, though they usually state where they come from. So they would introduce themselves as "Konoe of Karou" or "Rai of Setsura" at most, the way it was actually done in Celtic/Medieval times in our world before last name systems were introduced.

A cat's preferred method of cleaning him/herself. Kitties seem to hate being untidy in general, much like real-life cats, and will usually use the first opportunity to lick themselves clean and straighten their fur and hair. However, contrary to real-life cats, the Ribika seem to be anything but averse to actual bathing - the game makes references to Konoe bathing, and there's even a CG of Asato enjoying himself in the water.

Tongue-baths also seem to be a social thing, a way to show sympathy and to care for each other. There is a scene of Rai bathing Konoe's ears while he is sick, and Konoe is immediately reminded of the way his mother used to care for him as a child. However, tongue-bathing also can be a version of foreplay—Rai in particular loves to molest Konoe's ears. XD

You will not catch a kitty dead adding cutesy little phrases to their speech like "nyaaa" or whatever version of "meow" popular Anime shows come up with for catpeople, or mispronounce words that have a certain sound in them (like "nyow" instead of "now"). However, they do make kitty noises - they growl (and bristle) when they feel angry or threatened, and purr when they feel happy or pleased.

Bumping shoulders or nudging one's forehead against another person's shoulder is a common way of showing affection between cats, or a greeting between friends. Konoe and Tokino engage in it, as they are pretty good friends, and Konoe does it to Asato when they decide to leave Kira together (thereby making Asato completely speechless and embarrassed, because nobody has wanted to be his friend before). There is also a CG of Konoe pushing his head against Rai's shoulder to show that he likes him.

Their tails seem to be quite important to the Ribika. As a general rule, they are very sensitive, but they also serve as points of attraction. Throughout the game, it seems pretty natural for cats to admire and compliment each other's tails. This is a source of much insecurity to poor Konoe, whose own tail is crooked at the tip. He is ashamed of his misshapen tail, and admires the others who have beautiful straight tails. (Incidentally, this leads to many an adorable scene on the different routes, such as Asato blurting out during their first conversation that he thinks Konoe's tail is pretty, or Bardo brushing the tail of a Konoe who looks torn between being miffed and sinking into the ground in shame, or Rai - the king of backward compliments - reassuring Konoe that his tail "is not bad" when Konoe seems disappointed that there is nobody else around with a hook tail).

Cat's Tongue
Some cats have a very sensitive tongue, which causes them problems when eating hot food. Rai has a cat's tongue, something that aggravates him to no end. XD In the game, Bardo serves food and mentions to Rai that it isn't hot - however, Rai still can't eat it because of his overly sensitive tongue, which makes for an incredibly funny scene: Kaltz sympathetically hands him an icicle while the rest of the group boggles at Rai, causing him to leave the table in a huff.

Sense of Direction
Cats have a very reliable sense of direction and don't get lost easily. That a cat is bad with directions is practically unheard of - something that is hard on poor Konoe, since he is bad with directions. When everyone finds that out, they keep saying it, and he keeps getting more and more depressed because they have never heard of a cat who is bad with directions. XD

Mating Season
All adult cats (males as well as females) go through a mating season twice a year, once during winter and once (most likely) during summer. The timeframe is more or less the same for all of them. At the peak of mating season, most kitties stay at home to spend time with their lovers, or if they want to avoid contact with others (see compatibility).

The actual rut is relatively short, as it lasts only until sexual satisfaction is achieved (through whichever means one prefers ;P). It is an intense experience, however—Konoe describes it like a fever that causes him to collapse, experiencing a strong burning sensation that is quite painful. The first H-scenes in the game all occur when Konoe is going through his first rut, which is pretty confusing and a bit frightening to him since his parents never got the chance to tell him about the birds and the bees. XD It is quite likely that the first rut is seen as a sort of coming-of-age thing, the entrance into adulthood.

Both Bardo and Rai mention this concept. Rai explains that cats who are "compatible" (in other words, attracted to each other on some level) are linked during mating season. This means when one starts rutting, the other starts rutting, too, and they experience both the urge to have sex and any feelings that come with it much more strongly than normal.

Whee, finished for now. If you know of anything I should include, or have a question you think I might be able to answer, fire away. XD

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