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Hello, how did you find your way here?

If you're just here for the fanfics, that's perfectly alright, I invite you to try [livejournal.com profile] off_the_homerow, my brand-new fanfiction journal. Joining and commenting is open, and here's the MASTERLIST for your reading pleasure.

You would like to be friends? That's cool. I like meeting new people. However, please consider the rules first:

☆ It would be nice if we had some common interests. Please read my PROFILE to get a better idea.

★ This blog is written in English. If you speak neither English, German nor French, we won't be able to communicate.

☆ Please say hi in this post. I won't add back stealth frienders.

This has been a public service announcement. Thank you.

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Please note that this masterlist is no longer up-to-date and therefore no longer exists. All my fanfics, new and old, have found a home at [livejournal.com profile] off_the_homerow. You're all welcome to join me there.

You can also check out the New Masterlist.
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Dear f-list,

I guess this marks the start of me using my DW handle for crossposting, since LJ is just so uncertain and dead-ish right now. I'm not moving, just testing the waters. Thanks to the newly available community imports, I've also transferred my fanfics to [community profile] off_the_homerow, in case you'd like to keep up here. Hope to see you around. :)
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This is the Dreamwidth journal of Livejournal user [personal profile] aphelion_orion, currently rather neglected. Depending on the way things go, I may vacate LJ completely. As it is, at the moment I believe I'll look into cross-posting features.

Will probably cross-post fanfiction, too, in case anyone would like to keep up with that. Huh, I guess that means I should start setting up a proper profile.
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I know all too well how it is not to know left from right in a fandom, and how hard it can be to follow discussion or fanfic because of this. Since Lamento is a game Full Of Text in Moonspeak, it is a challenge to even grasp major plot points, nevermind all those lovely little details that went into creating this game.

Therefore, I proudly present the results of hours upon hours of obscure kanji-searching and translation-machine WTF. To prove to you I'm not lying out of my ass when I'm talking about stuff in fanfic. XD

*Attention*: NO STEALING PLEASE! If I see this used and/or reposted without my permission, this post will be relocked and future projects will be friends only. A lot of effort and countless hours went into this, so I don't think it's too much to ask.

Onward to the Guide! )


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